3X Conversion Formula

This was headline news as of September 23, 2011... Read to
find out how this affects YOU and YOUR CASH FLOW!

WARNING:  The Internet Changes We've Been Telling You About Are Happening RIGHT NOW... And You MUST Read This Page If You Are To Survive The Coming 'Evolution' Of The Web... SO:

Here's How You Can Use Your 5 'Profit Zones'
To Ethically Exploit These Coming Changes To
Maximize The Cash You Pocket Online
AND Protect Your Business From What's Coming!

This Is Your Specific, Detailed Blueprint For Making
More Cash Online... An 'Equation' That Can Deliver You
More Cash...Even Without An Existing List, A Massive
Marketing Budget, or Waiting Forever To See Results!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're anything like us, you have a burning passion to make more money online.

Maybe you want to be the next big thing and make millions... maybe you want to just add some extra income to the family bank account to make your life a little easier... perhaps you don't even know exactly 'what' you want, but you know for a fact you do NOT want the job you have right now...

And, you're savvy enough to know that the Internet is making a lot of folks just like you tons of cash...

And you want in!

Or, you may be one of the thousands of marketers we meet every day who just want more: More clicks, more traffic, better conversions, and a larger, more responsive list. Who doesn't want that?

And no matter where you are right now, there's no doubt you're dying for honesty -- sick and tired of the hype online, or hearing all about the next "big thing" that's just another bubble waiting to burst... and you're definitely fed up with the "gurus" who claim to have the one and only answer to making it online...

Smoke and mirrors my friend... smoke and mirrors.

Now, we'll tell you why this is unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen before... and why you should damn well pay attention to what we have to share with you today.

Millions In Online Revenue Generated
By Two Ordinary Guys... In 15 Months?

I know, I know... that sounds crazy. "Ordinary" and "Millions" in the same sentence doesn't make much sense... so we'll explain:

I'm Jon Benson, here with my business partner, David Bass. I've created multiple online business over the past six years, and currently enjoy a thriving fitness presence as one of the top Clickbank marketers. I recently was a featured speaker at the Clickbank Exchange in NYC, and will be presenting a keynote at the Glazer-Kennedy Info-Summit this year on the subject of increasing sales by using these 5 Profit Zones. Over the past 15 months, TWO of my conversion-boosting tools have generated millions of dollars in revenue, not just for myself, but for marketers all over the world, including Andy Jenkins, Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Trey Smith, Ryan Deiss, and countless others.

Listen: I started with NOTHING in this business: No list, no experience, no connections. I wasn't a marketing guy, or a sales guy, or even a good copywriter when I started! I had no cash, either. In short, I'm an ordinary guy who stumbled on a fantastic method for long-term online success. Ever since, I've been itching to share this "Equation" with other marketers to help them succeed as well.

My partner David Bass succeeded on a different path, using the exact SAME "Equation" -- it's that powerful. He too came from absolutely nothing in the online space to being one of the most sought-after product launch experts in history. David has worked with most every A-List Marketer in the world, dating all the way back to the massive multi-million dollar StomperNet launch in 2004. David's team demands $70,000.00 just to BEGIN working on a launch, not counting the back-end commission figures. The reason? He understand and implements all of the strategies for his clients to make them FILTHY RICH... the exact strategies we'll reveal to you today.

Frankly, we're radically understating the cash we've earned for both ourselves and, more importantly for YOU, for other marketers just LIKE you, in the past 15 months alone. But don't take our word for it... watch our extremely 'edited-for-time' testimonial reel below and see for yourself... (just make sure you have your volume turned up... )

Here Are Your 5 Profit Zones... AND Why Most
So-Called 'Experts' Will Never Tell You The
TRUTH About Any Of Them...

Let's cut to the chase:  There are only 5 areas you need to focus on to get your online business either up and running, or running more efficiently -- and that will mean more cash in your hands every single day...

Yet, before we share this info with you, the same info that's made our clients tens of millions of dollars, we need to be 100% transparent:

Most "gurus" would never tell you the absolute truth about these 5 Profit Zones... because...

... Each of them require actual WORK! (Gasp!! Not That! ; )

Yep... we're not going to lie to you. You will have to put in some hours to make each of these 5 Profit Zones pay off. So, if you're looking for the "Magic Cash Machine" answer, leave our page. You won't find that nonsense here.

Yes, we could tell you how you can "push a few buttons, and presto: CASH!"... just like SO many of those shady Internet marketers you see online... but honestly, do you REALLY believe that's possible? If you do, wake up. It's not. If it was possible, everybody and their dog would jump all over it. Even if it DID work, it would only last a matter of hours!

The quick buck guys come and go. What we've done is PROVE, without a shadow of a doubt, how anyone from a newbie to the most seasoned pro marketers can radically improve their cash flow by using and "ethically exploiting" each of these 5 Profit Zones.

You just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves.


  • We're not asking you to spend thousands and thousands of dollars;
  • We're not telling you that you can't see immediate results... you CAN, if you have an existing list, but you will still have to spend a few hours of your time making it happen;
  • We're not asking you to suffer for months on-end to learn this stuff; It requires effort, but it's not anything the average person can't pull off... we just don't want you to fall for yet another one of those "click this link and cash pours in!" B.S. Internet Marketing scam products... Fair, right?

So, let's dig in... here's what we call Your 5 Profit Zones... and we want to be perfectly straight with you:

  • These are the 5 VITAL aspects of ANY profitable online business -- and they work for total newbies and the A-list Marketers;
  • These are the 5 RULES of online cash-making that will NEVER change (unlike traffic, media buys, etc.);
  • These are the 5 FOUNDATIONS you absolutely MUST create to start and keep generating more and more cash online over the coming months (we'll explain what we mean by that in a moment...)


Providers are the technical backbone you need to explode your online business. This is the "tech" side of your online empire -- who SHOULD be handling your email delivery, how your server SHOULD be set up so that you do not get blacklisted right off the bat, and exactly HOW you can streamline how your message (blogs, Facebook, email... you name it) is delivered to the masses. Without understanding these "Tech Tricks", as we call them, you're on foundation that will crumble in a matter of months -- especially considering the coming Internet changes we're about to reveal.


Before you even 'think' about adding a single person to your list, you simply MUST know the secrets of creating messages that almost 'demand' an open, a click, and a follow-through. This is where we see newbies AND experts completely and utterly FAIL -- they do know know the tips, tricks and strategies behind creating a successful email campaign. This is how you set your online business up on autopilot so you're not a slave to it -- you own your business, it does NOT own you!


Ah, the list. As all the gurus say, "Your list is your gold." This is true -- but ONLY if you've prepared yourself to market TO your list. Otherwise, you'll be blacklisted, black-balled, and cast out of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others BEFORE you can ever see a dim of profit. These changes are coming FAST ... literally within MONTHS... and they'll leave EVERY newbie and MOST pros in the dust... UNLESS you understand what we're about to reveal to you. Sure, you need a larger list -- and we'll share our strategies for building a list from scratch, as well as creating a larger list if you currently have one WITHOUT spending a fortune on traffic.


Opt-in pages are NOT DEAD... but 95% of the opt-in pages you see on the Internet today will not even be there within a few months from now. Why? Because they are breaking these "new rules" we're about to cover. If you know about these ahead of time, you can modify your opt-in pages to collect even MORE hungry buyers... and this works for Social Media pages (like Facebook) as well as stand-alone pages you may already have on your website. These affiliate-friendly opt-in page strategies WILL make the difference between doing "okay" online and making an absolute KILLING online!


If you have a product of your own, your sales page is your golden ticket to financial freedom. The legendary Gary Halbert once said, "There's not a problem in the world that cannot be solved with a good sales page." The problem? Most people are leaving 80% OR MORE of their income on the table when it comes to their sales pages, up sell and down sell pages, and post-sales "rake in the cash" process. Having a fully-optimized sales page funnel is the ONLY WAY to ensure your success in the coming months and years online... period. And, if you are an affiliate email marketer, you had better know WHICH sales pages you should send traffic to, because a lot of high-converting offers that are online TODAY will be snuffed out of existence in this coming "Next Evolution" of the Internet.

Listen:  Let me (Jon) tell you exactly how powerful these 5 Profit Zones can be for you by sharing my personal horror story with you now...

The Rules Of The Internet Are Changing Rapidly...And Only The Real Players Will Be Left Standing!

Less than two years ago, I (Jon) had a $7M-plus business from selling just ONE product using Google Adwords.

In a span of 3 weeks, our traffic was reduced by 90% -- all because Google decided to make massive, immediate, and unexplained shifts in the way they do business.

I personally know dozens of Internet marketers who lost EVERYTHING in this massive sweep by Google, know in the industry as "the Big Slap". At first, the Big Slap only affected the health and weight loss space. Now, it's expanded to crush everything from mom and pop online parts stores to business opportunity websites.

Literally, over 100,000 business owners and marketers have been affected by one company: Google... And over, ONE policy change BY Google!

Now, had I been one of those thousands of marketers, my entire business would have gone belly-up as well. I would be working 9-to-5, yet again, struggling to eek out a living...

Yet that did NOT happen...

Despite These Changing Rules,
My Business Not Only Survived... It
Exploded Profit-Wise In Every Direction!

How could this be, you ask? How could I lose 90% of my revenue, leads, and advertising... only to have my business GROW over the past year and a half?

It's the same reason YOUR business can start OR continue to grow: It's because my business was ALWAYS supported by the FOUNDATIONAL EQUATION of The 5 Profit Centers.... we'll share that with you in a moment... but first, KNOW THIS:

Tapping Into This 'Equation' For Online Profits
Saved My Business And Has Made Thousands
Of Internet Marketers Just Like You Millions
In The Process!

The 5 Profit Zones are not option for your business to survive the coming changes...it's a simple as that.

And the FOUNDATION of these Profit Zones is revealed on one, simple, powerful word:


Ignore conversions, and your business will eventually fail.

Maximize conversions, and your business can withstand even the most CRUSHING blow -- like losing 90% of your traffic in under 3 weeks, like I did...

And this is DESPITE the coming changes in the way EVERY marketer does business on the Internet -- changes that are literally months away... perhaps even weeks...

This System Prepared Our Businesses For
The Most Dangerous 'Evolution' The Internet
Has Ever Seen... And It's Right Around The Bend...

There is a growing epidemic, and we've just learned it's going to get a lot worse. Here's what's around the corner:

  • Many of the networks that control Internet traffic have been tightening up their rules and restrictions. This isn't just about PPC, Media Buys and/or Facebook restrictions, although these are just the first areas that felt the severe pain.
  • ISPs are throttling back the amount of traffic they are offering to marketers.
  • The options for list-building is going to take a severe hit. This means you either adapt, or you can kiss a growing list goodbye...

How serious is this RIGHT NOW?

A MailerMailer report cited an average open rate for 2009 of 11.2%.

This number has declined every half-year since 2004, when it was 26.66%.

In 2011, it's dropped to under 9%!

It Gets Worse:

Litmus reveals that "...of 4 million opens recorded by our tools, an average of 51.1% spend less than 2 seconds looking at someone's email."

The bottom line is this:

Adapt, or die.

Fortunately for you, we've tested our 'Equation' for years -- during some of the toughest times -- and it never, ever fails us: EVER.

It can do the same for you.

And, believe it or not, the SECRET is in a series of steps you must take to increase your conversions BY ONLY 30% in each of the 5 Profit Centers...

Use Our 3X Conversion Formula To Increase
Each Of Your 5 Profit Centers By Just 30%...
And Watch Your CASH Increase By 300%!

Have a look at the equation below and we'll prove it to you:

The Foundational Formula:

R = LF²

Revenue = List x Follow-up x Funnel

The 3X Formula Details:

Leads Per Offer + 30%
Opens Per Offer + 30%
Clicks Per Offer + 30%
Sales Per Offer + 30% =
3 Times The Revenue For You!

Here's a real-life example of how this works:

Pretend for a moment that you have a list of 30,000 people. Now, we know, that's a large list—but don't worry, that's just to make the math easier. Our principles work the same if you have a list of 100, 1000, 10,000... or 10,000,000!

Now, let's say you have a 10% open rate, giving you 3,000 opens. And, you have a 10% click-through rate. That's 300 clicks.

If you had a very modest 1% conversion rate, you would have 3 total sales.

Now, let's say your product sold for $97 (again, this could be any number.) That would mean you would see $291 in total revenue....

NOW We Apply Our 3X Conversion Formula...

Our goal is simple: We teach you how to see a 30% Increase To Each Variable, which means that your...

  • Your LIST would increase to 39,000 (we will show you how!)...
  • Your OPENS would increase to 13% = 5,070 opens...
  • Your CLICK-THROUGH would increase to 13% = 659 clicks...
  • And Your CONVERSIONS would increase to 1.3% = 9 SALES rather than 3 = 300% GREATER PROFIT!

You Have 2 Choices:

1. Follow This Formula... OR:

2. Do Nothing, And Become Nothing!

The Game Is Changing FAST...

Only The Savvy In-The-Know Marketers Will Survive The Coming Changes...Make No Mistake!

So, Before We Go Any Further
You Need To Ask Yourself
2 Vital Questions:

Is My Business And My Future
Worth A Small Investment Of
Time And An Even Smaller
Investment Of Money In Order To
Save My Butt?”

Am I Content With The Money
And Conversions I'm Currently
Making... OR Do I Deserve
And Desire More?

If you answered YES to either of these questions then this is the best news you'll get all year:

We have spent years slaving away, making connections, and testing thousands of the top conversion tactics of the pros...

Coaxing the A-list insiders to dish their most valuable cash-making conversion secrets...

And proving these secrets true on dozens of the top-performinginternet marketing campaigns this year... with:

Absolutely Unreal Results!

We took these insider tips and distilled them down into a simple Formula for increasing your conversions...

A Formula that any marketer – beginner to advanced – can quickly and easily apply...

And start earning more cash from your existing list, sales page, or social media pages...

And do it faster than ever before!

Using our formula for success, marketers are now seeing up to 3 times the conversion rates and that means 3 times the cash!

These range from the very basic steps you must take in order to survive the coming changes... All the way to the super-ninja tricks that are making savvy marketers millions today...

REVEALED: The Secret Conversion Tactics
    That Poured In Over $50 Million In HIDDEN
    Revenue For Hundreds Marketers
Just Like YOU!

Introducing The 3X Conversion Formula System:
The Ultimate Equation For YOUR Online Profits!

"Rock-solid marketing strategies for
beginners to pros!"

Ryan Deiss

"One of the most comprehensive courses on Internet success I've ever seen."

Andy Jenkins

"Just the copy tips alone are worth every penny."

John Carlton

"This is the stuff that adds ZEROS to the end of your bank balance!"

Trey Smith

"It's a Step-by-Step Blueprint; not just for better conversions, but for overall marketing success."

Joe Polish

Here's What You're Going To Get Today!


The No-Geek Approach To Getting Your Emails Right Into The Inbox!

  • 3 Killer Tips For Using The Largest Unused Segment of Your List That Can Double Your Profits From Almost Any Email You Send!
  • Vital Lines Of Code That May Be Missing From Your Server To Help Insure Your Emails Get Delivered!
  • How To Choose The Best Email Service Provider... PLUS How To Combine These 2 “Unique” Providers For Massive Click-Through Increases!
  • The REAL Secrets Behind Using Single AND Double Opt-In Strategies To Build Your List Size, Protect Yourself From New-Rule “Shut-Down”...AND Jack Your Profits!
  • Why You Absolutely MUST Design Your Emails In A Specific Way To Get Double The Clicks...Secrets Only a Handful of Marketers Know!
  • Avoiding The Dreaded Spam Folder By Using These 7 Proven Strategies That Trick The ISP And Put Your Email Where It Needs To Go!
  • Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files... And Much, Much More!

RETAIl VALUE: $497.00

"I've been through dozens of Internet marketing courses, and this one is, by far, the most Step-by-Step, thorough course I've ever seen. I learned easy tips that will increase my cash in the first 24 hours alone!"

Andy Bailey, United Kingdom

Module 2:

Sneaky, Sinister And Downright Simple Tips To Crush It With Email!

  • Mastering The 3 Modes Of Mindset: And How To Apply Each In Unique Ways To Your Subject Lines, Link Text, and Body Copy To Reach More People And Demand A Click!
  • 12 Things Virtually Every Email Marketer Is Doing Right Now That KILL Your Conversions... And How To Dominate Your Competition By Using ________ Instead!
  • How You Can Email Multiple Times In A Single Day... Every Day If You Want...Without Getting Excessive Unsubscribes or Complaints...All While Cashing In Big-Time!
  • 5 Freaky Subject Line Tricks That Sneak In Under The Radar And Virtually Forces Your
    Reader To Open Your Email!
  • The Bottom-Up Technique Exposed: Plus Our Ultra-Ninja "P.P.S." Strategy That Can Build Your Social Media Ranking While You Earn More Cash!
  • Tons of Proven Subject Line Winners ...PLUS The Only Way You Should Format Your Hyperlinks For Max Clicks.
  • Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files... And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00

"The 3X Conversion Formula System is absolutely worth the investment... a very valuable addition to my fledgling online business!"

Kristina Berglund, Sweden

Module 3:

How To Create A List From Scratch OR Expand The List You Have Now Without Spending A Fortune On Traffic!

  • The EXACT Blueprint We Used To Create a 40,000-member BUYER List From Scratch...WITHOUT Spending A Penny On Traffic!
  • Interviews With The Most Successful List-builders
  • Live Tutorials Covering Our 1-2-3 List Method For List-Building Success
  • And More!

Value: $497.00

Module 4:

Triple Your List Growth Without Pissing Off The Powers That Be!

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Opt-in Page Design... AND What To Do Instead To Make Your Opt-in Rates Go Through The Roof!
  • The "3X Exit Technique" That Will Send Super-Qualified Leads Right To Your Inbox...WITHOUT Having To Buy More Traffic!
  • Why _______ Works Better Than ________
    Every Freakin' Time When It Comes To Getting More Opt-ins...
  • How To Have Your Opt-ins Wanting To Give You More Of Their Valuable Information...All While You Use Our Strategies For Cheap OFFLINE Profits to Thicken Your Wallet!
  • My "Magic Headline" Formula That's So Baby Simple It Should Be A Sin Not To Use It! No Need For Copywriting Genius Here...If You Can Type, You Can Cash In!
  • Avoiding Getting Slapped By The G-Men By Using These 3 "Under The Wire" Opt-in Pages.
  • Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files... And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00

"I'm blown away by the professionalism! From the high-quality audio and videos, to the sheer amount of content, this is a MUST HAVE for any marketer; newbie or pro!"

Leo Wilcocks, Australia

Module 5:

Exactly How To Tweak Your Sales Pages For Insane Conversions!

  • The "Ultimate Sales Page Formula" –
    The Step-By-Step "No Copywriting Genius Required", Paint-By-Numbers System For Turning Any Sales Page Into Pure Gold!
  • Magical Phrases That Pull Your Reader's Eye Down Your Sales Page And Right To That Precious Buy Button!
  • The Absolute Worst Mistakes You May Be Making On Your Sales Page That Subconsciously Makes Your Reader Reject Your Offer Before They Get To "Dear Friend!"
  • Use ________ Underneath Your Buy Buttons To Get An Immediate 12% Lift In Clicks (This Takes Less Than 40 Seconds To Do!)
  • A Borderline Sinister Little Tactic That Can Persuade Your Reader To Re-Read Your Sales Page... AND Increases Clicks To The Buy Button By 217%!
  • How You Can "Robotically Close" Your Reader And Put Higher Conversions On Auto-Pilot.
  • Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files... And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00

"My wife had NO idea how to run the marketing side of our online company. Now, with the 3X Conversion Formula, not only is she learning FAR more than most pro marketers, but I'm discovering new tactics every day. A fantastic, no-brainer investment!"

Paul and Layne Cutright, Sante Fe, NM

Module 1 TECH TRICKS $497.00
Module 2 EMAIL TACTICS $497.00
Module 3 LISTING-BUILDING 101 $497.00
Module 4 OPT-IN SECRETS $497.00
Module 5 SALE PAGE MAGIC $497.00

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Lowest Price
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Only $997!

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That's not all: You will also receive our iron-clad, hassel free, 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't believe The 3X Conversion Formula is worth every penny spent on purchasing it, simply email us at support [at] 3XFormula [dot] com and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund... no questions, no hassles!


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